Dia Mundial del Patrimoni Audiovisual

Debate about AFIC


Places: Municipal Archive of Girona.

Day: Tuesday 22 October.

After the publication made in the last number of the Girona Photographers collection, and as a result of the research carried out in the CRDI, our knowledge about the association is already considerable. That's why a gathering with different AFIC protagonists is proposed to establish a debate about the photography and the activity of the association.

Participants: Josep Clara, Joan Roura, Jordi Colomer, Joan Boladeras, Josep Vila, Marcel Prat.

Moderator: Fina Navarrete.

Launch of the exhibition "Ooooh! Francesc Dalmau and the optical illusions"


Place: Museum of Cinema.

Day: Wednesday 23 October.

Based on the collections of the Museum of Cinema, as well as different archives and Catalan collections (MUHBA, AHCB, MNACTEC, Rocamora Foundation), this exhibition wants to claim this lesser-known facet but of great influence on the professional activity of Francesc Dalmau (1810-1886), who was the first modern optician of the city of Barcelona. This is an opportunity to make the visitor discover the visual universe in which the spectators of the nineteenth century were immersed. A rich and fascinating universe in resources and expressive forms, many of which are still fully present in our contemporary visual culture.

Family Photo Talks Workshop (Kaleidoscope Project)


Place: Municipal Archive of Girona.

Day: Thursday 24 october.

The workshop aims to involve people in the process of valuing their own family photographs in two different ways: conservation and memories. As a result of this workshop, we will create an audiovisual in order to explain the methodology on how to involve people interested in the photographic heritage. The workshop will be drived by Susanna Muriel, a training professional specialized in family photography.
This activity is part of the European Kaleidoscope project in which CRDI participates. The aim of the project is linking heritage photography with new technologies, in order to discover life in the fifties through the iconographic legacy and at the same time to enhance the citizen interest in heritage.

Vernissage at the GEiEG exhibition


Place: Casa de Cultura.

Day: Monday 28 October.

As part of the WeAre#EuropeForCulture initiative, CRDI created a participatory virtual exhibition in Girona, dedicated to amateur sports. This project is funded by the European Commission, within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
The virtual exhibition focuses on amateur sports in the city of Girona, in the year of the centenary of the GEiEG association. An innovative application will allow to explore the digitized images through an interactive system that will be available to the visitor. For the realization of the exhibition, we used the material selected from the workshop that took place on September 24 at CRDI facilities, in which several people linked to GEiEG worked on the contents of this exhibition.

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