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Jewish converts, Inquisition, expulsion and diaspora

In 1478 the Catholic Monarchs created the "Tribunal del Santo Oficio de la Inquisición" (Inquisition) to persecute heresy and impose the Christian faith. The entire population of Jews who had converted to Christianity was suspected by the Inquisition of practising Judaism in secret. They were therefore regularly repressed and persecuted. This room examines the suffering and hardship inflicted upon those who were persecuted, tortured and finally forced into exile.

Outstanding items


Pedro Berruguete, 16th century (image of the painting found at the Prado Museum, Madrid). The brutal repression engendered by the Inquisition against converted Jews led to the holding of the now infamous "Autos-da-Fé", public trials and executions of those accused of practising Judaism, and which were held with great pomp and ceremony to teach a lesson to all individuals who dissented from what was considered to be the "one true faith".


Shield of the Inquisition

Stone, 18th century, Girona. The headquarters of the Tribunal of the Holy Office had a large stone shield outside, which sported a cross, the Christian symbol, a sword to represent the persecution of heresy and an olive branch symbolizing reconciliation through repentance. This shield of the Inquisition may have been on Sant Domènec convent, headquarters of the Holy Office in Girona.

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