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Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies: timetable for Christmas

22/12/16  ¤  Opening days during school holidays

The identity from absence: the imagined otherness and a nation building

20/12/16  ¤  New lecture series 2017 at the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies

Christmas workshops 2016

01/12/16  ¤  Activities within the programme "6 museums x Christmas 2016"

This Christmas your adventure begins at the museum

30/11/16  ¤  Now, visiting one of the 27 museums of the Network of Museums of the Girona Region has a reward!

The Hebrew documents of the AMGi, online

23/11/16  ¤  New resource to consult the Hebrew documents of the Municipal Archive of Girona

Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies

28/10/16  ¤  Holidays opening hours

Ritual waters. The history of the Girona Jewish baths

26/10/16  ¤  Name of the new temporary exhibition in the Jewish History Museum

Jewish Bookbinders of Girona

30/09/16  ¤  Results of new research

New Hebrew courses in the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies

09/09/16  ¤  Open inscriptions for 2016-2017 courses

European Day of Jewish Culture

22/08/16  ¤  September 1, 2, 3 and 4. Activities in the Jewish Quarter

European Heritage Days

05/08/16  ¤  September 16th, 17th and 18th

In August "Nights of Music in the Jewish quarter"

26/07/16  ¤  On Thursdays at 10 pm, outdoor concerts

Movie nights in the Jewish quarter 2016

13/07/16  ¤  The Patronat Call de Girona presents again this activity, which has become a Girona summer program benchmark.

Summer in the Call of Girona

06/07/16  ¤  Discover our activities from July to September

The children activities on the Bonastruc ša Porta courtyard start again

09/06/16  ¤  Theatre plays, children's stories and puppets

The Aesthetics of Resistance, reloaded

23/05/16  ¤  Lecture series on the centenary of the birth of Peter Weiss

'Girona, Temps de Flors' in the Bonastruc ša Porta Centre

22/04/16  ¤  Activities from 7th to 15th May, 2016

Benjamin de Sefard

19/04/16  ¤  280 pupils meet in Girona on occasion of the 2nd edition of the educational project "Benjamin de Sefarad"

Visualization of the lectures included in 2016 series

15/04/16  ¤  Online access to the series of lectures "Pyrenees, border and refuge"

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