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Children activities in the Jewish Quarter

03/07/19  ¤  July and August Wednesdays

'Jewish Diasporas, European Journeys' conference

12/06/19  ¤  Tomorrow, Thursday, June 13th, the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies organizes a conference day to study and debate the concept of diaspora and the close relationship of this word with the history of the Jewish people

Pedres amb nom

28/05/19  ¤  Commented visit to the temporary exhibition

'Girona, Temps de Flors' in the Bonastruc ša Porta Centre

02/05/19  ¤  Activities from 11th to 19th May, 2019

Stones with a Name. Girona Jewish Heritage in a picture by Fargnoli

30/04/19  ¤  Today the new exhibition of the Museum of Jewish History is open to the public until September 15th

Parallel Traces: A new lens on Jewish Heritage

15/04/19  ¤  Patronat Call de Girona participates in this project of the European Commission's Creative Europe 2018-2020 program, which supports the European audiovisual, cultural and creative sector

Visualization of the lectures included in 2019 series

25/03/19  ¤  Online access to the series of lectures "Catalonia and Judaism: shared identities, diverse relationships"

General strike on February 21th

20/02/19  ¤  Due to the general strike on February 21th 2019, the Museum of Jewish History will be closed.

Girona inaugurates on Thursday the cycle 'Catalonia and Judaism' with a conference on the Catalan population in the context of the Holocaust

14/02/19  ¤  Organized by the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies (Patronat Call de Girona) and Chair Ferrater Mora of Contemporary Thoughts from the University of Girona

Girona commemorates the International Holocaust Remembrance Day

25/01/19  ¤  The courtyard of the Bonastruc ša Porta Centetre will host a space for memory and remembrance to keep alive the memory of this barbarism

Catalonia and Judaism: shared identities, diverse relationships

09/01/19  ¤  New lecture series at the Nahmanides Institute of Jewish Studies

4th edition of 'This Christmas your adventure begins at the Museum'

23/11/18  ¤  From December 6, 2018 to January 7, 2019

New Digital Signage

05/10/18  ¤  September 2018

Jewish Prose Fiction Reading Club

26/09/18  ¤  In collaboration with the Carles Rahola Public Library

Opening hours at the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies

14/09/18  ¤  During the school period we also open on Saturday mornings

Movie nights in the Jewish quarter

12/09/18  ¤  The screening of the films Holy Air, Simon et ThÚodore and Les set caixes closes the cycle of summer activities in the Jewish quarter

'Storytelling' or the art of telling stories

31/08/18  ¤  Theme of the European Day of Jewish Culture 2018

European Days of Jewish Culture

09/08/18  ¤  Theme: Storytelling

Visitmuseum: new audio guides at the Museum of Jewish History

17/07/18  ¤  A new approach to the main thematic areas and the most outstanding objects, with a fresh and innovative narrative

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