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Press releases

Movie nights in the Jewish quarter

12/09/18  ¤  The screening of the films Holy Air, Simon et ThÚodore and Les set caixes closes the cycle of summer activities in the Jewish quarter

'Storytelling' or the art of telling stories

31/08/18  ¤  Theme of the European Day of Jewish Culture 2018

Ďscar Intente brings the monologue 'The idea of Europe' to the Jewish quarter of Girona

11/06/18  ¤  The show, based on the homonymous work of George Steiner, will close the cycle of conferences 'The Jewish contribution to the idea of Europe'

The Patronat Call de Girona will assume the vice presidency of the European Association for the Promotion and Preservation of Jewish Heritage

26/02/18  ¤  Annual meeting of the AEPJ took place at the new headquarters in Barcelona

'The Jewish contribution to the idea of Europe', new lecture series by the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies

17/01/18  ¤  The program has five conferences, which will take place every penultimate Thursday of the month, at 6:30 p.m.

Catalunya, 50 indrets jueus de l'edat mitjana, by Manuel Forcano. Book presentation

08/01/18  ¤  Thursday January 11 at 6.30 pm at the Museum of Jewish History

Girona celebrates Hanukkah, the Jewish festival of lights, this Wednesday

18/12/17  ¤  A contest for the elaboration of sufganiyot is the main novelty of this year's commemoration. The Plaza del Vi will be the place for the lighting of the Hanukkah, the eight-branched candelabra, as part of one of the most popular festivities of the Jewish calendar

Participation at the 7th Cultural Routes Annual Advisory Forum

27/09/17  ¤  30 years of Cultural Routes: Building dialogue and sustainable development through European values and heritage

18th European Days of Jewish Culture: Diasporas

31/08/17  ¤  The Patronat Call de Girona joins this European event, which is celebrated simultaneously throughout Europe on the first weekend of September

The exhibition 'Estelina's table' proposes a tour of the dietary rituals of medieval Jewish communities

19/06/17  ¤  The mayor of Girona and president of the Patronat Call de Girona, Marta Madrenas, and the Councilor for Culture of the Girona City Council, Carles Ribas, will participate in the inauguration of the temporary exhibition tomorrow at 7 pm at the Museum of Jewish History

Extended, until May 21st, the temporary expositions on water in the Museum of History of Girona and the Museum of History of the Jews

27/03/17  ¤  Almost 15.000 people have visited the exhibitions "Girona and water" and "Ritual waters. The history of the Girona Jewish baths"

The municipality of Girona takes part in the annual Assembly of the AEPJ

24/03/17  ¤  The Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture, Carles Ribas, will represent the city of Girona at this meeting

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

25/01/17  ¤  Commemoration

The identity from absence: the imagined otherness and a nation building

17/01/17  ¤  New lecture series by the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies and Chair Ferrater Mora of Contemporary Thought of the University of Girona

Ritual waters. The history of the Girona Jewish baths

26/10/16  ¤  Name of the new temporary exhibition in the Jewish History Museum

Movie nights in the Jewish quarter 2016

13/07/16  ¤  The Patronat Call de Girona presents again this activity, which has become a Girona summer program benchmark.

Benjamin de Sefard

19/04/16  ¤  280 pupils meet in Girona on occasion of the 2nd edition of the educational project "Benjamin de Sefarad"

International Holocaust Remembrance Day

26/01/16  ¤  Wednesday 27 January, the mayor and chairman of the Patronat Call de Girona, will preside this commemorative ceremony

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