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The Jewish cemetery. Montju´c

An imaginary stroll through what was the community's cemetery from the 13th century onwards, located to the north of the city. This room has a luminous panel showing the route taken by the funeral processions from the Jewry to the graveyard. The tombstones exhibited here bear fine epitaphs in memory of the deceased Jewish inhabitants of Girona.

Outstanding items

Tombstone of Josef, a young Jewish child

Girona limestone, 14th century, from Montju´c. The tombstone carries a moving tribute to a child who died before his time: "The gravestone of Josef, a young child who was a lover of joy, the son of Rabbi Jacob. May he be present in Glory, protected by his Rock and his Redeemer."


Tombstone of Estelina, the little star

Girona limestone, 14th century, from Montju´c. On this occasion the person evoked is a woman who bore the pretty name of Estelina, and belonged to a family that was well respected in the community: "This is the gravestone of the honoured Estelina, wife of the distinguished and upright Bonastruc Josef. May she have her mansion in the Garden of Eden."

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