Llibre del Sindicat Remenša de 1448

Memory of the World Register

Llibre del Sindicat Remenša de 1448

The Memory of the World (MOW) Register is a programme created by UNESCO aimed at the protection, preservation, access and dissemination of documentary heritage. Its goal is to promote and preserve from collective amnesia the key documents for understanding the evolution of mankind.

Placing the Llibre del Sindicat Remenša in the Memory of the World register and giving it greater diffusion will surely lead to academics from around the world becoming aware not only of this book, but the rest of the documentation referring to the struggle of the Catalan serfs, allowing it to be studied in detail in comparison with other similar movements of the time. And hence contribute, with expanded, fresh data, to the study of social movements and economic and political organizations in the Middle Ages.

You can see the video: Llibre del Sindicat Remenša 1448. Memory of the World

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