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Ritual waters

The history of the Girona Jewish baths

FROM OCTOBER 28, 2016 TO APRIL 23, 2017


La construcciˇ de la identitat nacional catalana

Conference by Jordi Casassas, included in the programme of the series of lectures "The identity from absence: the imagined otherness and a nation building"

FRIDAY, JANUARY 27 - 10:00 AM (+)

Open doors weekend at the Museum of Jewish History

Activity organized on occasion of 'Girona10'

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Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies: timetable for Christmas

22/12/16  ¤  Opening days during school holidays

The identity from absence: the imagined otherness and a nation building

20/12/16  ¤  New lecture series 2017 at the Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies

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Kosher: This means suitable. It designates food considered pure and which may be consumed according to Jewish law: the meat of all ruminating mammals that have cloven hooves, and fish with fins and scales. Almost all birds may also be eaten, except for birds of prey. Reptiles and insects are also forbidden. [ Enter the glossary ]
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