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Ritual waters

The history of the Girona Jewish baths

FROM OCTOBER 28, 2016 TO MAY 21, 2017

FRIDAY, MAY 5 - 4:30 PM

SATURDAY, MAY 13 - 11:00 AM

Choral cycle

Concerts within the activities of "Girona, Temps de Flors" 2017

Latest news

Easter Timetable 2017

06/04/17  ¤  Jewish History Museum and Nahmanides Institute

Visualization of the lectures included in 2017 series

10/03/17  ¤  Online access to the series of lectures "The identity from absence: the imagined otherness and a nation building"

Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies: timetable for Christmas

22/12/16  ¤  Opening days during school holidays

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