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Monday, March 30, 2020

The Museum of Jewish History from home

Resources during confinement

Due to the current situation, the team of the Museum of the History of the Jews also stayed at home but we continue working so that you can continue enjoying the Museum, its heritage, exhibitions and resources. We want to offer you several alternatives for these days of confinement:

The audioguides. They incorporate the latest knowledge, based on the documentary and archaeological findings of recent years, and also include new spaces, such as the ritual bath.

Virtual visit to the Jewish quarter of Girona. Enjoy some beautiful places without leaving home!

Explore the contents of our website. Learn about the history of the Jewish community that lived in Girona in the Middle Ages.

Find out the details of the life stories of those that were buried in Montjuīc through Stones with a name.

Learn more about Jewish culture from the new section Did you know that Jewish people from Girona...?.

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