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Entities and institutions

ICOM (International Council of Museums)
The International Council of Museums (ICOM) is a private, non-profit organisation created in 1946 whose goal is to help museum development and professional museologists.


Association of European Jewish Museums
The Association of European Jewish Museums aims to promote cooperation and communication between Jewish Museums in Europe and to assist members in meeting the challenges facing Jewish Museums today. It encourages the exchange of information and ideas among European Jewish Museums, provides training and learning opportunities and promotes mutual support and cooperation in a wide range of areas.

Museum of the History of Catalonia
The aim of the Museum of the History of Catalonia is to put the history of Catalonia on display and make people aware of their shared heritage, and so help them identify with their national history.

Sephardic Museum of Toledo
This museum was created in 1971 in the 14th century Transito Synagogue. Its collection ranges from pre-1492 archaeological finds from Spain to objects from the many countries where the Sephardic Jews settled after the expulsion.

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