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Museum accessibility

In this section you'll find information regarding the accessibility in the Jewish quarter of Girona as well as the Museum of Jewish History.
The board Patronat Call de Girona wants to guarantee everybody's right to culture.
The Museum of Jewish History is museum open to everybody and for everybody. Universal accessibility and social inclusion are part of our principles.
The Jewish quarter of Girona is characterized by its narrow streets, with steep slopes and stairs. It can be reached on foot along Força street, a pedestrian cobblestone street with a considerable gradient: between 8% and 12%. The Museum of Jewish History is located on number 8 of this street.

These contents have been created by the Economic Promotion Area, Local Development, Tourism and Occupation, Tourism Department, of the City council of Girona, within the territorial cooperation programme POCTEFA 2014-2020 (Programa INTERREG V-A España-Francia-Andorra), created with European funds.
We specially recommend the Girona Tourism for all Guide and the Accessible tourism map.

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