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The Girona Judaica Collection

The Call de Girona Municipal Board has published a representative volume on an annual basis since 2004. This may be concerned with any aspect of Jewish culture. These volumes make up the Girona Judaica Collection, which currently consists of six works. These works may be acquired at the Museum shop, which also has an on-line sales service.

The Jews of Girona and their organization. 12th-15th centuries

This volume presents the history of the internal organization of the Jewish community of Girona, from its beginnings, in the twelfth century, until the expulsion in 1492. From bibliography and unpublished data provided by the research, the author tries to explain how the Jewish community worked, to stand out the names of the people in charge of it and to find out about the power structures within the community.

Publishing information
Riera i Sans, Jaume. Els jueus de Girona i la seva organització. Segles XII-XV. Girona Judaica Collection 6. Pub. Patronat Call de Girona. Girona, 2012.

Times and Spaces of Jewish Girona

Minutes of the International Symposium held in Girona on March 23rd, 24th and 25th 2009. Collection of lectures about different aspects of material and cultural history of the Jewish Girona. This publication makes accessible to all interested people the last lines of research, the latest discoveries and the most relevant historical and historiographical advances that increase the knowledge of the Jewish community of Girona.

Publishing information
Patronat Call de Girona. Temps i espais de la Girona Jueva. Girona Judaica Collection 5. Pub. Patronat Call de Girona. Girona, 2011.

The Poems of Messullam de Piera- Girona, 13th century

A collection of poems by this disciple of Mossé ben Nahman, popularly known as “Vides of Girona”, who was at the same time one of the main leaders of the city's Jewish community. These verses, translated and edited by the late Dr. Josep Ribera Florit, are the work of one of the greatest exponents of poetry in Hebrew to be found in medieval Catalonia. Messullam de Piera produced in this work a compendium of his cryptic, highly intellectual poetry, which won him considerable recognition in his own lifetime.

Publishing information
Ribera Florit, Josep; Jiménez, Esther. Poemes de Meixul·lam de Piera. Girona s. XIII. Girona Judaica Collection 4. Pub.: Patronat Call de Girona. Girona, 2008.

Public power and the synagogues in the 13th-14th century

An in-depth study of documents concerning the former medieval synagogues in the Kingdom of Aragon. In this book we find, firstly, a study of the relationship that public authorities maintained with the synagogues, and secondly, a full collection of relevant documents, i.e., a series of texts from all over the territories governed by the Crown of Aragon, transcribed in chronological order.

Publishing information
Riera i Sans, Jaume. Els poders públics i les sinagogues segles XIII–XV. Girona Judaica Collection 3. Pub.: Patronat Call de Girona. Girona, 2006.

Jewish Nights. Traditional legends of Israel

A collection of traditions and legends taken from Hebrew literature and showing the Jewish vision of the world and man's place in it. A work that contains a good selection of some of the texts that defined medieval Jewish culture.

Publishing information
Ferrer, Joan; Martínez, Assumpta; Boix, Marc (illustrations). Les Nits Jueves. Llegendes de la tradició d'Israel. Girona Judaica Collection 2. Pub.: Patronat Call de Girona. Girona, 2005.

Hebrew Deeds of Catalan Jews 1117-1316

A work that won the 2nd Mossé ben Nahman Prize (1999) and includes an in-depth analysis of documents written in Hebrew by Catalan Jews from Girona and Barcelona between the 12th and 14th centuries.

Publishing information
Klein, Elka. Documents hebraics de la Catalunya medieval. Hebrew Deeds of Catalan Jews 1117–1316. Girona Judaica Collection 1. Pub.: Patronat Call de Girona and Societat Catalana d'Estudis Hebraics. Barcelona, 2004.

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