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Thursday, April 7, 2011

A lintel dated from the late 13th early 14th century, is revealed in the Call de Girona, the old Jewish quarter

This new archaeological discovery consists in the door and the inside of a medieval house, which belonged to Jewish doctor Astruc Abraham.

The mayor of Girona, Anna Pagans, accompanied by the director of the Museum of Jewish History in Girona, Sílvia Planas, the Deputy Mayor for Planning, Isabel Salamaņa, and the municipal architect, Rosa Maria Canovas, presented this afternoon the new archaeological discovery in the Call of Girona. This is the door and the interior of a medieval house, which belonged to Jewish doctor Astruc Abraham des Portal, son of a famous saga of Jewish doctors in the city. The house adjoined the synagogue courtyard, with a public street and with the Jewish butcher. It is therefore an important element that was part of Girona's Jewish quarter core of the fifteenth century.

The statement made in the back space on the ground floor of the Museum of Jewish History (Patronat Call de Girona), has revealed the existence of an interior room on the east bounded by a medieval wall foundation, according to archaeological reports, and south through a door that opens to the current alley Hernandez.

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