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Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Museum of Jewish History is equipped with new technologies thanks to the Girona County Council Grant 2019

The Patronat Call de Girona has received the Grant from the Diputaciˇ de Girona (Girona County Council) for Museums and collections in the Girona region to renew equipment related to new technologies 2019

Nowadays we live connected to the network and museums need equipment and renew computer and multimedia materials, as well as software and hardware. Information technologies, through interactive and customizable tools, help to make information more accessible to visitors and also a more efficient management of day-to-day work of museums.

On this occasion, the grant has allowed us to renew the audiovisual projector of the first room of the museum as well as to provide a new monitor for the reception desk. Both items will help to improve the quality of the service and attention to visitors.

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