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L'aportaciˇ jueva a la idea d'Europa

L'Europa d'abans de Hitler. QuŔ n'ha quedat? N'ha quedat la llengua. By Fina BirulÚs Bertran

Conference of the cycle "The Jewish contribution to the idea of Europe"

Thursday, March 22,
Institut d'Estudis NahmÓnides

According to the Israeli writer Amos Oz, there is no more authentic European than the Jew. Undoubtedly, the Jewish people have contributed as few to the conformation of the idea of Europe. We have found them on the European continent since ancient times. Not only that, in some key moments of European history the figure -or the myth- of the Jew has been the center of all the glances and reflections on our continental identity. The answer to the question "what is Europe?" or "what are we Europeans", historically, has been largely by contrast or in relation to the presence in our societies of the Jewish minority. A minority, often, ignored, but, often, also terribly visible. In this cycle we are interested in seeing in what sense we can say that the Jewish people, through philosophy, music, art, literature, politics or history has contributed to forge the idea of Europe.

The lectures of the cycle will take place the penultimate Thursday of the month, from January to June

Free activity. Prior registration.

The attendance and participation in the whole cycle of conferences can be recognized with 0.5 academic credits for the students of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Girona.

Organized by: Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies (Patronat Call de Girona) and Chair Ferrater Mora of Contemporary Thoughts from the University of Girona. Address: Sant Llorenš street, no number

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