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L'aportaciˇ jueva a la idea d'Europa

L'╔cole des Annales: Marc Bloch i Lucien Febvre. Una nova mirada a la hist˛ria d'Europa

Conference by Joaquim Nadal Farreras

Thursday, January 18,
Institut d'Estudis NahmÓnides

First conference of the cycle "The Jewish contribution to the idea of Europe"

Free activity. Prior registration.

The attendance and participation in the whole cycle of conferences can be recognized with 0.5 academic credits for the students of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Girona.

You can watch this lecture through the website of the University of Girona.

Organized by: Nahmanides Institute for Jewish Studies (Patronat Call de Girona) and Chair Ferrater Mora of Contemporary Thoughts from the University of Girona. Address: Sant Llorenš street, no number

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