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Pome Granates and Lilies: The Song of Songs

Calligraphy by Marc Boix

From April 13th to May 5th 2010
Call de Girona

Rabbi Akiva said: "No person in Israel has ever disputed [the status of] Song of Songs, for the entire world is not as valuable as the day on which Shir haShirim was given to Israel, for all of scripture is holy (kodesh), and Shir haShirim is the holiest of the holy (kodesh kodashim)".
I still didn't know this when I read the Song of Songs for the first time, but I decided that I had to illustrate it. I wanted to do it so well, that I studied Theology to be able to understand in the best way all the senses of the text. Somebody can say that I exagerate, but it's true that I studied Theology because of the Song of Songs... Who could say to me that some day I would be so mad to write it all, and in Hebrew!
I think, however, that the effort of two summers was worthwhile, and I expect that you have so much pleasure looking at the exhibition, as I enjoyed writing it.

Marc Boix

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