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Jewish Girona, city mother of Israel

Exhibition which is part of "Medieval Girona"

From October 29th 2013 to March 30th 2014
Call de Girona

Two different communities shared the space of medieval Girona. They maintained a close, productive and enriching relationship. While the Christian Girona has continued until our days, the Jewish Girona left only a few physical remains. It was very active between the 10th and 15th centuries, it had its own space within the urban structure and impressed the world with its culture. Finally, it fell into oblivion, condemned by the intolerance and later by ignorance.

This exhibition complements "The medieval Girona, The key of the kingdom", located in the Museum of the History of Girona, and "The Monastery of St. Daniel in the Middle Ages", located in the St. Daniel monastery cloister .

Curator: Sílvia Planas
Organized by Museum of History of Girona and Patronat Call de Girona

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