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Languages of Judaism

Exhibition about the languages that have been used by Jews throughout their history

from March 22nd to September 30th 2013
Call de Girona

The exhibition starts with the oldest times of the people of Israel, presenting the Hebrew as the language of the Bible and ends in the present time, where Hebrew is the official language of one of the states created in the twentieth century. The exhibition also focuses in two languages almost forgotten but literary and socially rich: Yiddish or Judeo-Spanish, as well as languages of the everyday life: Haketia, used in the Mediterranean Judaism (19th -20th Centuries) and Medieval Catalan, from the catalan jewish quarters (12th-15th Centuries).

At the same time we have scheduled a series of lectures that will generically approximate us to the diversity of languages that have been characteristic of the Jewish people throughout history: the adaptation of Hebrew as the official language of the state of Israel, the use of Yiddish in family environment and high literature (Nobel Prize), the Ladino language used in the Sephardi rabbinical regulations, the Haketia as the own language in the Sephardic communities of Morocco and Catalan as mother language of Jewish communities in medieval Catalonia.

Organized by: Patronat Call de Girona
Curators: Joan Ferrer and Patronat Call de Girona
Temporary rooms- ground floor (8, Forša Street entrance)

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