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Unraveling the Jewish quarter

Guided tour to the Museum of Jewish History and the Jewish quarter of Girona

Sunday, January 30th - 12 h
Sunday, February 13th - 12 h
Sunday, February 27th - 12 h
Sunday, March 13th - 12 h
Sunday, March 27th - 12 h
Sunday, April 3rd - 12 h
Sunday, April 10th - 12 h
Saturday, April 16th - 12 h
Sunday, April 17th - 12 h
Sunday, April 24th - 12 h
Sunday, May 1st - 12 h
Sunday, May 8th - 12 h
Sunday, May 15th - 12 h
Sunday, May 22nd - 12 h
Sunday, May 29th - 12 h
Museu d'Hist˛ria dels Jueus

Cohabitation, coexistence, convenience. Discovering the Museum of Jewish History and the Jewish quarter of Girona, we will talk about how these three words generally summarize the life of the Girona Jewish community in its situation of social minority. How was their daily life; their cultural, political and religious day-to-day; how was their relationship with the Christian society, among others. Together, we will seek answers and ask ourselves new questions.

Sundays at noon, in Catalan or Spanish (check the date)

Approximate duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

We recommend booking in advance. The Patronat Call de Girona reserves the right to cancel the visit in case of lack of reservations.

It is possible to book this visit in Catalan, Spanish and English for private groups in advance by contacting us at

Prices: Adults: 6 Ą per person; children under 6 years old: free. Includes the entrance fee to the Museum of Jewish History. Activity by: Mozaika. Information: or at +34 972 21 67 61

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