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Tales: forgotten, rediscovered, turned into music

Activity for children by Bel Contes

Wednesday, August 1,
Call de Girona

According to an old legend, a child, when still inside the mother, has all the knowledge of the world:

how many stars there are in the sky,
how many drops there are in the sea,
how many grains of sand there are in the desert;
the mysteries of the sky and the stars,
and even the Torah up to the last letter.
No mystery on the face of the earth is unknown,
no mystery in the sky or the sea which cannot be solved.

But when the child is about to be born, the guardian angel descends from the sky and puts a finger on the child's lips, sealing the knowledge within and whispering just one word: "Learn".

Free activity for children by Bel BellvehÝ, Enric d'Armengol and Santi Orˇs. Approximate duration: one hour.

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