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Parallel Traces. A new lens on Jewish Heritage

The project

Thursday, July 2,
Museu d'Hist˛ria dels Jueus

The Parallel Traces: A new lens on Jewish Heritage a project of the Creative Europe program creates an original and unique bridge between audiovisual art and Jewish heritage. Five European cities, including Girona, participate in this transversal project, where artists and citizens reflect on the role of Jewish heritage in the urban fabric. The result is an exhibition that includes different forms of reinterpretation of heritage, artistic, political and social, through audiovisual works.

Victor Sorenssen, project manager of Parallel Traces and Rosa Juanco, artistic director, will discover us their particular vision of the project online.

We invite you to share questions, observations and knowledge, in a debate open to the public through Youtube comments.

Duration: approximately 20 minutes
Platform: Youtube Girona CulturaTV

Free activity in Catalan and Spanish language

Organization: Plataforma Mozaika

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