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Lights of Hanukkah

A collection of Hanukkah lamps

From 22nd December 2011 to 31st March 2012
Call de Girona

The artist Antonio Recalcati, seduced by the discovery of the beautiful Baroque synagogue of Casale Monferrato -a small town in Piedmont, that in the past hosted a thriving Jewish community- decided to mobilize, twenty years ago, friends, artists and designers, Italian and French, Jews and non Jews, and proposed them to make Chanukah lamps. The symbolism of light that lies at the heart of this festival has, over time, a variety of versions, more or less modest, always surprising. And here it shows how artistic creation can enrich and give new meanings to an old tradition. Whether it was familiar or foreign to the tradition, the artists gave their works to the synagogue in Casale, a selection of which we present today in Girona (the first time they were seen outside Casale was in Paris last year, with a selection of 35).

With the collaboration of: Foundation for Arte, Culture e Storia ebraica. Casale Monferrato
Curator: Claudia de Benedetti

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