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Preparing sufganiyot

Centre Cívic Onyar

Monday, December 11,
Centre Cívic Onyar

Cooking workshop to elaborate sufganiyot, a round jelly doughnut eaten on the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.

A sufganiyah (plural, sufganiyot) is a round sweet that is first fried and then filled with jam or cream and covered with icing sugar.
These fritters are mainly consumed in the previous weeks and until the Holiday of Lights (Hanukkah). To celebrate this winter holiday, Jewish people maintain the custom of eating fried foods, in commemoration of the miracle related to the oil of the ancient Temple of Jerusalem. They also eat latkes or levivot (potato cakes), but sufganiyot are considered the traditional sweet of the Holiday of Lights.

Place: Centre Cívic Pla de Palau
Limited capacity

Organization: Patronat Call de Girona. Collaboration: Xarxa de Centres Cívics de Girona, Consell Municipal de la Gent Gran de Girona,

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