Invitation from the ICA President

Martin Berendse, president de l'ICA

I warmly invite you all to ICA's 2nd Annual Conference in Girona in 2014. It is also the 9th European Conference on Archives and the 13th Image and Research Seminar and ICA is delighted to be partnering with these respected major Audio-visual and European Archival events to deliver a professional programme addressing such a fascinating topic. Our presentations and debates will focus on maximising the potential of our textual, graphic, cartographic, photographic and audiovisual material in new and innovative ways to reach wider audiences as well as to realise financial opportunities to support collection management and policy. We are aiming to welcome not just ICA members and the archival community but also researchers, designers and creatives from a very wide range of professional and recreational backgrounds.

Girona is a beautiful city with many historic sites and well-established archival institutions. The Conference also offers the opportunity to network not just within ICA but with an unusually wide range of professional contacts. Put the date in your diary now and see you in Girona in October 2014!

Martin Berendse
ICA president

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