In recent years the city of Girona has taken several decisive steps towards becoming recognised as a benchmark city in technological, artistic and cultural matters.

One of these steps was taken in 2008, with the creation of the Girona Film Office, which was set up to encourage and consolidate the choice of Girona as a film set and location for photographic sessions, by promoting its unique urban and heritage features. The Film Office provides a central point for all consultations and requests of this type and it has managed more than 130 productions in the city since it was set up.

In addition, the B˛lit Contemporary Art Centre of Girona has been conducting research, production and exhibition programmes since 2008. This is a public service offered to creators and society in general as an open and participative space. The centre supports production and creation, presents work, carries out activities and educational programmes and runs an artist residency project. It works with national and international artists, and with guest curators.

Another step was taken in 2012, with the creation of the BLOOM 3D and Emerging Technologies Centre in Girona. BLOOM is a technological centre of excellence specialising in stereoscopic 3D (S3D), neuroscience, augmented reality, motion capture and video mapping. Many of the region's recent artistic, cinematographic and technological initiatives have passed through the BLOOM centre. Among them are three video mappings projected in 2013 onto two of the cities emblematic fašades: the City Hall and Casa Pastors.