The Sound and Audiovisual Collection

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The Sound and Audiovisual Collection of the Marshall Islands Nuclear Claims Tribunal consists of 507 cassette tapes, containing a total of 498 hours of sound, and 62 video tapes (40 inVHS format and22 inHi8 format) totalling 103 hours of moving picture images and sound. The bulk of this collection entered the archive in September 2012 but, since then, further document transfers have been made in July 2013, March 2016 and the last, in July 2016. 

The agreement does not provide for the description of the contents of the documents, but we can say, in general, that they contain the recordings of the Tribunal hearings with statements by witnesses and experts. The languages of the documents are in English and Marshallese.


Inventory, organisation and setting up of the documentation 

The first action taken with the collection consisted of organising the documentation and recording all the external information inscribed on the external labels and the boxes of cassette and video tapes in a database. From the information obtained, we were able to establish the chronology of cassette tapes between August 1989 and October 2007, while videos cover a period ranging from September 1997 to July 2002.



In October 2013, digitisation of sound and videos documents began, taking as a model the quality standards recommended by international organisations such as the IASA (International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives). 

Return to the place of origin 

During the digitisation process, the documents were stored in archive boxes in the deposits of the Municipal Archive of Girona and once this process was completed, as established in the agreement, the documents were returned to their place of origin, together with the digital copies. In February 2017, the last of the cassettes and videos that had been come into the Municipal Archive of Girona in 2016 were returned to the Marshall Islands.

Together with the original material, a report on the processing of such material was sent to Nuclear Claims Tribunal of the Marshall Islands.