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L'Hereu de Can Pruna

This film was directed by Segundo de Chomón, the most international spanish filmmaker in silent film. It was projected at the first time in Barcelona, in December 1904. It is a little comedy that represents a farmer who are looking for a woman through an advertisement. The flood of women, who pursue him attracted by this offer, fears the farmer and he escapes. This film was considered lost until the year 2002, when a copy, incomplete, was discovered in the nitrate film collection of the Cinema Museum-Tomàs mallol Collection (Girona). The Filmoteca de Catalunya was responsible for its restoration.

Kinora 1

Kinora Bond Ltd's (Britain, 1912). Apparatus invented by the Lumiere brothers in 1896 for home use. It consisted a combination of a folioscope and mutoscope. Each frame of film corresponds to the image of the cardboard roll that is rotated. In an age where even the effect of the motion picture had a lot of impact, these devices allow you to view a short film at home without the expensive film projectors.

Kinora 2

Kinora. La Llum del Cinema series. Museu del Cinema.