Newsletter of the Call of Girona - Number 13   «Light and stars in the Jewish quarter»
February 2010

Recollections and new events

Activities for 2010

The programme of cultural activities for the January to June semester 2010 in Girona's Jewish Quarter aims to make Jewish culture more accessible through literature and the scriptures. We also propose to examine how the information and communication media have contributed and continue to contribute to the propagation of particular visions and concepts of Judaism from various viewpoints and perspectives.

Series of lectures 2010 (click to enlarge)

The Girona Jewish Quarter reading group
We offer a new activity based on the reading of historical novels on Jewish subjects and on the forming of the Girona Jewish Quarter reading group, involving the reading of works of fiction and a monthly discussion of the work that has been read. As complementary features we will also propose a series of lectures open to the general public which will provide information about different historical and thematic contexts, and occasional talks given by authors of the various books to be read. In order to become a member of the Girona Jewish Quarter Reading Group, all you need is to have a desire to do some reading and to share personal impressions and literary experiences.

Hebrew language course
We will resume our Hebrew language classes, as a means of learning about one of the most dearly cherished elements of Jewish culture. The course will be at beginners' level, and our intention is for it to last throughout the coming year. Between January and June 2010 the most basic aspects will be covered, including the alphabet, the verb conjugations, first constructions of sentences and texts, and oral and written comprehension and practice.

Cycle of lectures
Following the model of previous years, this year we shall also be presenting, in conjunction with the Ferrater Mˇra Chair in Contemporary Thought at the University of Girona, a series of five lectures on the theme "Judaism and the press in Europe: philias and phobias". During the course of this lecture cycle an analysis will be made of the attitude of the press and of European intellectuals to the treatment, evaluation, criticism and propagation of the perception of Jewish culture. The lectures will take place at the Nahmanides Institute of Jewish Studies on the penultimate Thursday of every month at 7.30 p.m., and the first will be held on 18th February. Attendance at all lectures will be open to all and free of charge. Please consult the full programme at our website.