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WOZNIAK, Wojciech 


Wojciech Woźniak (born in 1975) graduated from Opole University, Social Science Institute (1999) and Institute of Administration (2000), in 2004 he received his PhD in History Institute at Opole University.
Between December 1999 and March 2009, he was working as the archivist at the State Archive in Opole, where he was the chief of the department of the records created after 1945. His duties also were management of archival databases. Since April 2009 he has worked as deputy director of the National Digital Archives (NDA). Since October 2012 he is a director of the NDA.
Since October 2009 he has also been working as academic teacher at Warsaw University, where he has been lecturing electronic records management.
Between 2008 and 2009 he was the member of the interdisciplinary archival commission “Informatics and archives”. Since 2012 he has been a member of “Informational and Digitization Council” advisory commission of The Director General of State Archives.


Welcome to the polish archives - digital resources at (

Brief summary:

The presentation focuses on the portal ( developed and maintained since 2009 by National Digital Archives. The main aims of the portal are: to give access to archival materials and to create new model of interaction between archives and their users.


In 2009 National Digital Archives, one of three main archives in Poland, run the service ( containing archival descriptions and digital copies of archival materials. The maintain and the development of the portal is one of the tasks of NDA. At the beginning of 2014 portal contained about 10 millions of digital copies. 28 polish state archives of total number of 31, present their materials in digital form on the portal. Portal is web interface for Integrated Archival Information System, which is a sophisticated tool for describing archival materials. The main aim of the portal is to give access to archival materials no matter of the time and place. Digital copies are available with no fee and with no restrictions. The second goal is to create new model of interaction between archives and their users, which allows users to take part in activity of archival work: to create descriptions, to add information to existing descriptions and digital copies and to correct existing descriptions if necessary.

Scientific contribution:

Model of online publication of digital copies
Model of users’ participation in archival work


Digitisation, digital copies, participation, social media, publication, archival resources online,