ID: 91

KWAG, Jeong


- 2012—present: Presidential Archives, National Archives of Korea

- 2009—2011: Access Management & Service Division, National Archives of Korea

- 2005—2008: “Development and Spread of Electronic Records Management System” Project

 Academic Background:

- Completed doctoral program at the Department of Archives and Information at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (2006)

 Recent Publications:

- “Seamless flow of the public records: spread of the electronic records management system in Korea”, Archivar, 2009

- “Metadata for records management in the current and semi-current stages”, The Korean Journal of Archival Studies, 2007

- “Analysis of reform model to records management system in public institution”, The Korean Journal of Archival Studies, 200POST /eca2014/save.php HTTP/1.1

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New Mission for Archives: A Korean Case on Developing Audiovisual Learning Materials Using Archival Records

Brief summary:




Scientific contribution:

The Korean case will help replace the outdated paradigm in line with the archival services. Now that the age of information has dawned, we continue to wonder why archives exist, what new roles are expected from the archivists, and how the ways of storing and servicing records should evolve. The recent NAK project led us to realize that archives and archivists can justify their roles and causes in today’s rapidly changing culture only when they coordinate to organize, explain, and specify the significance and value of records.


archival paradigm shift, reference service for archives, cultural and educational industry, visual entertainment, collaboration with archives