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TRUYEN, Frederik; FRESA, Antonella


Prof. dr. Frederik Truyen (1961) is associate professor at the Faculty of Arts, Leuven University (KU Leuven). He publishes on E-Learning, Digitization, ICT Education and Epistemology. Head of ICT Services at the Faculty of Arts. In charge of CS Digital, the mediaLab of the Institute for Cultural Studies. He teaches Information Science at the BA and Online Publishing at the MA level. Currently chairman of the ICT council for Humanities and Social Sciences at the University. Fred Truyen is currently involved in many projects on Open Educational Resources, such as OER-HE, OCW EU and NetCU, and in projects in digitization, such as IDEM, RICH EuropeanaPhotography and EuropeanaSpace.


Dr. Antonella Fresa (1957) is director at Promoter S.r.l.

Since 2002, Technical Coordinator and Communication Manager of national and European projects in the domain of digital cultural content management, smart cities, digital preservation, e-Infrastructures.

Previously, Project Officer at the European Commission, OEM and Multimedia Development Manager at Tower Tech engineering company, Video Controller Development Manager at Olivetti Advance Technology Centre in Cupertino-CA, researcher at Olivetti ICO in Pisa and Ivrea.

Member of the Programme Committee of EGI Community Forum; Enterprise Fellow at Coventry University; Member of the Europeana Task Force on PPP; Panel Member of ASPIRE project of TERENA on Data, Content and Middleware.

Appointed by the Italian Ministry of Culture as Member of the Concertation Table for the research priorities on cultural heritage.

Member of the Evaluation Panel for the National Portuguese Roadmap of Research Infrastructures of Strategic Relevance.

Author of two international patents of Olivetti on intelligent video controller systems.

Project Manager of online communication Platform powered by Promoter.


EuropeanaPhotography: photography as a privileged witness of our shared past 1839-1939

Brief summary:

EuropeanaPhotography is a EC funded project to prepare, quality-assure and contribute above 430,000 new photographic items to Europeana. Such contribution represents the finest examples of European photography from its invention to the start of the Second World War, therefore the very beginning of photography.


EuropeanaPhotography is a unique consortium composed of private and public partners who are digitizing the best examples of early photography (1839 – 1939), in order to provide the related metadata and thumbnails to Europeana (over 220.000 new items added during 2013!). The partners come from all over Europe and have very different backgrounds, expertise and requirements, thus empowering each other through knowledge exchange and sharing. The achievements of Europeana Photography in the fields of photography, digitization, metadata enrichment, IPR and sustainability models are made available to the whole community of professionals and institutions in the field. The consortium includes 19 representatives from 13 Member States. They are leading private and public photographic agencies as well as public institutions and museums. Two new content providers, from Ukraine and from Cyprus, recently joined the consortium as affiliate partners, and will provide further images of theirs to Europeana.

The work within the project concerns the following main activities.


Metadata support and best practices through MINT

Multilingual vocabulary on Early Photography

IPR support and advocacy

Dissemination and Training

On these topics, public documents and factsheets have been produced and made available on the project’s website and on the project’s showcase on online magazine.

The project plans a major communication campaign including a physical exhibition including a virtual exhibition, a mobile digitization studio and a video. The Europeana photography exhibition is setup as a travelling  exhibition that can be combined to local initiatives.

EuropeanaPhotography is currently setting up a membership-based organisation to continue its mission. Services to be provided are digitization expertise, metadata mapping support, IPR consultancy and advocacy and training.

Scientific contribution:

EuropeanaPhotography tackles a very cross-disciplinary set of scientific challenges: workflow and processes are developed and documented to contribute to the production of high quality images; metadata are provided in English in compliance with the Europeana specifications; keywords are translated automatically via a multilingual vocabulary of c 500 terms implemented in 11 EU languages, plus Ukraine and Chinese languages; aggregation of metadata is based on the use of a semantic  mapping platform using the LIDO standard; images are carefully selected based on their artistic, historical, social, photographic,  aesthetic, documentary value; implications of IPR and rights labelling is discussed and harmonised approaches are investigated within a truly private-public-partnership.


digitisation, digital cultural Heritage, Europeana, IPR, metadata, standards, multilingual vocabulary, early photography,