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AthenaPlus project Coordinator


Paolo Ongaro has more than 30 years experience on developing ICT solutions for museums and cultural institutions and archives (platforms, cataloguing systems, etc.)


MOVIO: A semantic content management and valorisation approach for archives and cultural institutions

Brief summary:

We will present an Open Source solution, which includes new instruments to valorize, share, exploit and communicate cultural collections from archives and institutions. The MOVIO platform will allow the management of large digital repositories over time implementing modern strategies of authenticity preservation in the Cloud.


MOVIO ( is an open source technology developed by GruppoMeta in the AthenaPlus project, a European co-funded project with more than 40 European museums, archives and cultural institutions ( MOVIO will enable archives and institutions (in particular small archives and cultural subjects) to implement new strategies for national/international projects on digitization, cataloguing of content. MOVIO is characterized by interoperability, it allows semantics and ontology building in easy and intuitive ways, it is compliant with the description standards and offers multilingual indexing and connects to the Europeana Library.

Online virtual/digital exhibitions, independently of the degree of sophistication of the technology used, can be put together in such a way that they can provide alternative or extending experiences to the real event, which can involve the user in a process of discovery, knowledge acquisition, and learning of the cultural goods preserved in museums or outside in the territory, or finally completely virtual. Deriving from ground studies and coordinated by the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Tourism guidelines about virtual exhibitions and best practices of e-Infrastructures have been identified, selecting the tools needed by cultural communities. The cultural and creative industries sector can embrace new strategies of collaboration with archives. Some strategies and objectives will be showcased, the means needed for it, the evaluation of results and the impact on documentary heritage management strategies.

Scientific contribution:

Archives and cultural institutions are asked to answer to new needs of the end users (including educational and industrial), helping them to navigate safely and generate satisfaction from the fruition of CH everywhere and from any device without getting lost in the abundance of non qualitative cultural knowledge made available on-line and avoiding the so called ‘Orphan Works’ issues. New social and mobile skills are emerging: users create new forms narrative content, they share knowledge, they follow emerging experts, they express what they like/dislike. Cultural institutions express the need of new communication, collaboration paradigms and instruments. The MOVIO open source semantic content management and valorization system is an easy and ready to use toolkit to build online and mobile virtual/digital exhibitions and narrations. 


open source, semantic content management, valorization system, archives, cataloguing, publishing, mobile, interoperability, cultural heritage, curators, ch strategies, web portals, business models, Europeana, metadata and standards