ID: 212

BUSHEY, Jessica


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Early findings of the Survey on The Trustworthiness of Digital Photographs Accessed and Stored in Social Media Platforms

Brief summary:

This paper presents the early findings of the two-part doctoral study exploring the trustworthiness of digital photographs in social media platformsThe findings address the extent to which contemporary digital photographic practice has changed and users expectations for ongoing access to and long-term preservation of their online collections.


The adoption of photo-sharing and social networking sites introduces new tools and methods for managing, accessing, and preserving digital photographs collections that need to be considered in relation to existing practices for image-making and keeping. Additional concerns regarding the legal ownership and copyright of digital photographs held within social media platforms, specifically platforms that encourage sharing, should also be explored from an archival perspectiveTwo major themes explored in this paper are: the changing nature of record-making and recordkeeping practices in the context of digital photography; and societal expectations of photo-sharing (e.g., Flickr) and social networking (e.g., Facebook) sites as repositories for ongoing access to and long-term preservation of digital photograph collections. By focusing on the activities of creators, this paper will is concerned with personal information management (PIM). It is necessary to emphasize that without a clear understanding of how digital photographs collections in social media platforms are being created, managed and stored, it will be difficult for archivists to understand the legal parameters of social media platforms as repositories of user-generated contentand to determine if these digital troves are being relied upon by their creators as archives of permanent value that must be preserved for future uses. 

Scientific contribution:

The empirical research is informed by theories of archival science and computer science


digital photographs, social media platforms, access, management, preservation, trustworthiness, cloud computing, archives