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Mr. Pierson has led technology teams in the information archival and preservation space for more than twenty years. He has led the digital preservation effort for Family Search for the past three years and has been focused on implementing a very large scale digital preservation system. Mr. Pierson has spoken around the world on topics related to preservation.


Preserving 40 Terabytes per Day - On-Premises, Cloud…or Both?

Brief summary:

Family Search is a non-profit organization that is embarking on the organization and preservation of the world’s genealogical records. This mission has forced us to the leading edge of large-scale digital preservation. Come learn about the architecture of the system, how we achieved 40 TB/day throughput, and how we’re using the cloud to protect our assets


The presentation will cover the following topics:

Brief overview of Family Search and our mission that creates the need for preservation

Walk-through of our considerations we designed our requirements for the system

Architecture review of the current implementation that is handling 40 TB/day

Detailed walk-through of our Amazon Glacier pilot test and the results.

Share the roadmap for our implementation of cloud storage in concert with our on-premises preservation repository

Scientific contribution:

We will share how we implement and manage fixity checking, fixity scheduling, statistical sampling and annual full audits of a multi-petabyte repository.


Digital preservation, cloud storage, large scale, family history, genealogical records, fixity, architecture, archives, amazon, glacier, magnetic tape