ID: 165

YANG, Hsiao Wen; LIEN, Hsiu Fen 



Doctor of Department and Graduate Institute of Library and Information Science, National Taiwan University, June 2012

Master of Education Media & Library Sciences, Tamkang University, June 1996

Bachelor of Library Science, National Taiwan University, June 1993


Research, Development, and Evaluation Commission, Executive Yuan -- Since 01/2001

National Center Library, Taiwan Branch -- Since 12/1993.



Specialist, National Archives Administration, National Development Council, R.O.C.--Since 01/2001


The integrated searching services of government records & archives information in Taiwan

Brief summary:

NAA(Taiwan) developments an integrated searching service system framework, included the A+, NEAR and ACROSS, to provide the public searching multiple databases of relevant domestic cultural repositories simultaneously.


1.Archives Access service (A+)

Developed by NAA of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Archives Access service (A+) ( integrated different kinds media of archives catalog search services. The public can check the archives catalog information through the Internet anytime, and those who have already had the Certification IC Card can even submit online application for access to archives, online browsing and online payment.  

2.Navigating Electronic Agencies' Records (NEAR)

In accordance with Act 8 of Archives Act of the Republic of China (Taiwan), all government agencies, including public universities, colleges and public owned businesses, should online transfer electronic records catalogs biannually to the online system NEAR (, which is developed by NAA of the Republic of China (Taiwan). After automatically verified by the system, catalogs will be uploaded and open access to the public.  

3.Archives Cross boundaries (ACROSS)

ACROSS ( is the first inter-institutional platform established by the NAA of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Currently, ACROSS has integrated 75 databases developed by 23 libraries, museums and archives in Taiwan.

By using metasearch engine, ACROSS provides global access services as a one-stop site that make it possible to search multiple databases at the same time. It also provides the Web 2.0 interactive and personalized functions for the general public to delve deeply into Taiwan’s history.

Scientific contribution:

First of all, we reveal the characteristics of government records, archives and user search behaviors. From analysis of government records and archives catalogs in systems of NAA (Taiwan) can show traits on generation time, subject and type of records and archives. Also, the analysis of online user behaviors brings us more understanding about their searching frequency, preferred functions and key words.
Second, applying the state-of-the-art web technology could increase the efficacy on public information disclosure and public service. NAA (Taiwan) developments the integrated searching systems framework by using different web technologies to resolve problems of large data transfer, organize, and to provide search interoperability and personalization for the public to access public information much more quickly and conveniently


Archives Access service, Navigating Electronic Agencies' Records, Archives Cross Boundaries, meta-search, integrated searching services