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She wrote PhD thesis on digitalization and the use of IT in national archives in Germany. She had internships at a few archives in Poland and in Germany (e. g. Federal Archives of Germany) and libraries in the United Kingdom and Germany (e. g. State Library of Berlin). She presented several dozen papers and posters at conferences on history and archival science in Poland and in Switzerland, Germany, Australia and Sweden. She took part in archival projects in Germany (e. g. “Joseph-Teusch-Werk”). She published dozen articles and reports relating to archival science and history in Polish, German and English (e. g. in: “Archiwista Polski”, “Archeion”, “Problemy archiwistyki”, “Przegląd Zachodni”, and “Archivar”. She teaches of digitalization and ERM.


Building-up Polish Bibliography of Archival Science

Brief summary:

The publications by archival science environment in Poland are scattered. There are some main publishing centres and many small occasional initiatives. This project aims to create an electronic bibliography of works on archival science published in Polish from 1919 to 2014.


There is a need to build an electronic bibliography on publications about archival science, especially the newest ones. The reason is that probably no library focuses on collecting such works, or even information about them. The last known published bibliography stops at the year 1970. Until today some initiatives to continue that work have been launched, but never completed.

The projectBuilding-up the Polish Bibliography of Archival Science” has got three main goals. The first is to collect the greatest possible amount of information about all publications including books and periodicals. The second is to preserve copies of electronic publications in a digital repository created for that purpose. The last is to motivate archivists and publishers to inform a project team about their publications or after the initiative is completed, to input data into project database to keep it up to date.

The project includes the following steps:

-          application for a grant,

-          project team building,

-          community building: contact with publishers and archivists,

-          establishing a list of publishers and websites with publications on archival science,

-          selecting bibliographic standards,

-          selecting and configuration of software (database and repository),

-          metadata input team training,

-          metadata input,

-          metadata quality control,

-          online lunch.

The project is going to start in winter/spring 2015 and last 12 months. The Main Library (Biblioteka GÅówna) of the Szczecin University will be the host and its IT (hardware and software) infrastructure will be used. Upon completion of the project, it is set to become a crowdsourced initiative open for different kinds of contributions.

Scientific contribution:

The biggest contribution of this project will be an open access database with metadata of publications in the archival science field and a repository of electronic publication with limited access for users of the Main Library of the Szczecin University, the restriction being caused by the copyright law. It will cover publications form 1919 to 2014 issued in Poland.


Bibliography, Archival Science, Poland, Repository