Accessibility: reduced mobility

Common areas:
2- to 5-cm step to enter the hotel portal and main entrance through automatic sliding glass doors.
Non-adapted reception desk with two levels.
Interior circulation with ramps and a lift. Sufficiently wide hallways and turning space between 1.2 and 1.5 m.
1 mid-sized adapted lift.
Breakfast buffet with slightly high, accessible self-service bar.
Common unisex toilet, adapted with a fixed handrail and fold-down bar, on the ground floor and accessible by ramp.

4 adapted double rooms on the ground floor, near the hotel's central services.
Suitable bed height.
Suitable height for hand-operated elements: lights, switches, etc.
Telephone next to the headboard.
Adapted toilet and shower inside the room, with a fixed handrail and fold-down bar.
Shower with folding seat and fixed handrails, single-handle tap and height-adjustable shower head.

Outside area and entrance: pavement between 90 and 150 cm wide and dropped kerbs in the zebra crossings.
Hotel parking garage: 2 spaces reserved in the hotel's outdoor parking lot. Access to the hotel parking lot through a manual swinging emergency door with a 2- to 5-cm step.
Access to public transport: nearest stops L3 and L4, Espai Gironès, 240 m away (accessible, kerb).
Taxi: stops in front of the hotel.