Organization of the collection

The task of arranging and describing the documents in the collection carried out by the Municipal Archive of Girona involved the classification, indexing, installation and scanning of the different groups of documents.

The contents were arranged into five groups, depending on the type of document:

  • Exhibition catalogues and invitations, 272 documents
  • Gallery management documents, 56 documents
  • Texts about gallery activities (by Josep Dalmau and others), 29 documents
  • Press articles (mostly cuttings), 75 documents
  • Photographs and reproductions, 54 documents

The repackaging of the documents, in polyester sleeves with cardboard backing, followed by their digital scanning, was also the occasion for new cataloguing. The description has retained the existing relations between the documents to maintain the reasoning behind the previous filing systems, despite the documents being stored separately to ensure their proper conservation and management.

Estatuts de l'Associació d'Artistes Independents, 1936