What exhibitions did it organize?

The Galeries Dalmau hosted foreign exhibitions and artists in Barcelona and organized its own shows to reveal new artists and movements, such as the Exhibition of Cubist Art of 1912, which brought works by Juan Gris, Marcel Duchamp and August Agero, among others, to Barcelona, and was one of the showcases of this movement. It also arranged exhibitions of abstract art, with group and individual shows, producing Francis Picabia’s ‘391’ magazine, the mouthpiece of Dadaism founded in 1917 in Barcelona.

It was also behind many home-grown avant-garde movements that broke with the prevailing Catalan Noucentisme and drew in many of the country’s young artists. Josep Dalmau expanded on this side of his activity by promoting these artists abroad, including the first exhibition by Joan Miró in Paris (1921) or spreading the work of Salvador Dalí.

Besides its work with the avant-garde, the Galeries Dalmau also held exhibitions of classic art, bought and sold antiques and held auctions of artworks.