Rafael and María Teresa Santos Torroella

In 2014 the Girona City Council received the donation of the Rafael i María Teresa Santos Torroella Archive and Library alongside the Santos Torroella art collection from the heirs of Maite Bermejo. One of the more outstanding parts of the archive is the collection of documents from Barcelona’s Galeries Dalmau, which was acquired by the art critic Rafael Santos Torroella.

Rafael Santos Torroella (Portbou, 1914-Barcelona, 2002) was an art critic and historian. His writings on Joan Miró, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí make for milestones in the studies of 20th century arts world. He was also a poet and translator, especially of poems and art essays, and made drawings. With his wife Maria Teresa Bermejo, he amassed an important art collection, which was acquired by the Girona City Council in 2014.

However, Rafael Santos also assembled a notable collection of documents throughout his career, with over 30,000 archive documents and bibliographic references. The Rafael i María Teresa Santos Torroella Archive and Library contains documents from Galeries Dalmau, from the IX Milan Triennale, the Cobalto publishing house, the Altamira school and the meetings made by Catalan and Spanish poets, as well as the personal files of Rafael Santos Torroella and Maite Bermejo.

The Archive and Library were granted to the Girona City Council by the nephews of Maite Bermejo and contain essential documents for the study of artists and artistic movements of the 20th century.

Rafael Santos Torroella i Maria Teresa Bermejo