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Girona in the 19th Century [room 10]



Detail of room with map showing the disentailed ecclesiastic buildings of the city.

The consequences of the Napoleonic War and the choking of the city by its own walls triggered the developments of the whole 19th century. The disentailment of Church properties liberated urban land which was used for building houses, establishing industries and carrying out urban planning projects.

During the first third of the century, the people of Girona accepted the challenge of demolishing a part of their heritage to breathe an air of renovation into the city. The tearing down of the walls was the symbol of the urbanistic, social, cultural and political liberation to which Girona aspired. It was the city’s way of redefining itself and preparing for modern times. In 1833 the city was declared a provincial capital, and began a period of timid progress which, together with its industrial decline, eventually turned it into a services city.


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