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Explore the most highly prized treasures of the rich many-faceted heritage preserved in Girona's five museums: archaelogy, art , cinema, city history, and Jewish community history.

Jewish's History Museum of Girona

Placed ont the location that the synagogue of the 15 th century occupied, the Museum shows the historical trajectory of the Catalan Jewish communities. Big explanation panels and an important collection of medieval. Hebrew tombstones invite the visitor to deepen into the history and the Jewish past of Girona and of Catalonia. Member of Gironamuseus.

MAC. Catalonia's Arqueological Museum- Girona.

Located in the ancient monastery of Sant Pere de Galligants, a fine example of Catalan Romanesque architecture, the museum will take you back to the earliest times of man in the Girona area from prehistory to the Middle Ages. Member of Gironamuseus.

Md'A. Girona's Museum of Art

Catalonia's third most important collection of Romanesque and Ghotic art as well as a collection of works ranging from altar pieces frim the 16 th century to other works of art from the beginning of the 20 th century by renowned artist such as Pere Mates, the Vayredas, Rusiñol and Blay. Member of Gironamuseus.

Museum of the Cinema. Tomàs Mallol's Collection

From the Chinese shadows to the Lumière brother's camera, there are many fascinating ans amusing inventions that you can now see in Girona at the Museum of the Cinema. One of the Europe's most important collections and a visit recommended for everyone and all ages. Member of Gironamuseum.

Museum- Treasure of the Cathedral

The collections of religious art that the Museum- Treasure offers you show the beauty and the magnificence of the liturgical of the cathedral through its history. They accredit not only the high level of the artist taht made them, but also the wisdom ot those who sponsored them.


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