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Barcelona City History Museum

Consists of emblematicd elements of medieval Barcelona, including the remains of a sector of the Roman city in the Subsol of the Plaça del Rei.

Cambó Institute

It was established in 1999, its promoters seeking to carry on the contemporary patronage work initially pursued by Francesc Cambó Batlle (1876-1947). It has a two-fold structure: the Classical Studies branch, promoting the study, dissemination and translation into Catalan of the great classical texts, and the Social Studies branch, encouraging studies and debates on the prominent issues in the historical and present-day contexts.

Catalogne History Museum

Synthesis of the history of Catalonia from the Paelolithic to our days.

Living Tàrraco

The International Seminar on Dissemination of Roman History will be held in the city of Tarragona on May.

Pedres de Girona ('Girona Stones')

The Girona family Xunclà Parés has created this web page on history of the city to draw people to Girona.

The Catalonia History Museums Network

The Catalonia History Museums Network is formed by the Cervera County Museum, the Lleida Museum, the Terrassa Museum, the Torre Balldovina Museum of Santa Coloma de Gramenet, and the Museum of the History of Catalonia.

The Francesc Eiximenis Trust

The Francesc Eiximenis Trust is an independent local body that brings together and coordinates all the study centres and institutes in the area for which the Provincial Council of Girona is responsible, the Trust being run under the aegis of that Provincial Council.

The Institute for Girona Studies

The purpose of this Institute is historical and archaeological research, promoting culture, and collaborating in efforts to safeguard the natural, historical and scientific legacy of the Girona region.

The Network of Democratic Memoty Sites

The Network of Democratic Memoty Sites is comprised of a heterogeneous heritage of sites: routes, interpretation centres, landmarks, remains, heritage recovered in situ, etc. Networking on history and the memory of these sites has made them veritable scenarios of remembrance, thought and homage, and more particularly has turned them into living instruments for the dissemination of history and social pedagogy.

The Museum of History of the Ciutat of Girona is one of the members of the Network of Museums of History and monuments of Catalonia.


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