Sony develops the Betacam format, in the family of half-inch tapes. It is one of the first to incorporate in the same device a camera for capturing images and a video recorder, what is known as a "camcorder".


The first 8mm video format appears, created by Eastman Kodak.


Sony introduces the Handycam camera, one of the most successful 8mm cameras.


Sony launches the Betacam SP format onto the market. Because of its quality it became standard use in television until the appearance of digital formats in the mid-1990s.

The first digital video format is developed, Sony's D1, which recorded video and audio without compression. Due to its high cost it was not very successful.

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The first meeting is held of MPEG (Moving Pictures Expert Group) working on the standardization of digital video and audio compression systems such as MPEG-2 or MP3.