Paillard-Bolex, one of the most prestigious makers of home filmmaking devices, is founded.

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Kodak markets 8mm film. Cine Kodak Eight Camera.

RCA Victor brings out the first optical sound projector aimed at amateurs (16mm).

Eric M. Bern announces the first home movie camera equipped with a sound recording system.


Eumig C2. The first camera made with a light meter.

Eumig C4: the first with electrical film winding.


Two new formats of colour film for home filmmaking come onto the market: Kodachrome and Agfacolor.

The Bolex H16 by the Swiss firm Paillard comes on to the market. For over thirty years it will be one of the best-selling 16mm cameras in the world.


Pathé launches the Pathé Vox, one of the first sound projectors.

Kodak introduces the first 16mm sound film for the Sound Kodascope Special Projector.