Pathé markets 9.5mm film with central perforation, with the slogan "Le Cinéma chez soi", for Pathé Baby devices made for the home movie market. A small, cheap and easy to use device, it represents, along with the 16mm Kodak machines, the beginning of the golden age of amateur filmmaking.


Kodak brings out the 16mm format for the Cine-Kodak camera and the Kodascope projector. That same year Victor also launches its 16mm model.


Bell & Howell brings out its Filmo model, the first 16mm camera with a mechanical string system to wind on the film.


Pathé Baby projectors incorporate an electric motor and the cameras, with the Motocamera model, a string mechanism to wind on the film.


Kodak markets 16mm colour film: Kodacolor.

The Agfa Movex appears, the first 16mm camera made by Agfa. It is the first camera to use a cassette to make loading the film in the camera as easy as possible.