The Kinora comes onto the market: a device for use at home, on the table, for viewing short films through a lens using a system that flips through the frames printed on pieces of cardboard glued to a rotating axle.

>> Watch video Kinora.

>> Watch video Kinora (La llum del cinema series). New!!

Gaumont's Chrono de Poche camera comes onto the market, the first camera that replaces manual traction (a handle) for winding the film with a motor worked with a string (clockwork mechanism).


Several home movie-making devices are marketed with different formats of narrow-gauge film that all fail: Vitak with 17.5mm film (USA, 1902), Ernemann's Kino I with 17.5mm film (Germany, 1903).


Kodak brings out Safety Film, non-flammable cellulose acetate film, safer than cellulose nitrate. It was initially used mainly in the home filmmaking market.