The first film camera designed for non-professionals: Gaumont's Chronophotographe Demeny using 60mm film.

>> Watch video Chronophotography Demeny (La llum del cinema series).

Fire at the Bazar de la Charité in Paris, where 124 die during a film screening when the cellulose nitrate film catches fire. People become aware that a new non-flammable material has to be sought for films, especially those designed for use at home.

E. & H. T. Anthony invents the Spiral camera and projector with the images on a disc, instead of film. The same year, the Bettini Brothers create a similar device, the Plattenkinematograph.


Leo Kamm creates the Kammatograph, which replaces the film with a circular glass disc with a maximum capacity for 550 frames.

Birt Acres patents the Birtac, the first cinematographic device to use narrow-gauge film (17.5mm, half the standard 35mm). The first attempt to create a cheap and simple film camera for the home movie market.


The Apareix la Biokam camera-projector appears, with 17.5mm film and central perforation. The second narrow-gauge camera aimed at home filmmaking.