Accessibility: reduced mobility

Girona History Museum

Access through the main entrance is difficult (step higher than 5 cm).
Adapted reception counter at two different heights.
Partial interior mobility thanks to an secondary access, accessible via a lift (medium-sized and wheelchair-accessible). The lift is only available from Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30 AM to 3 PM; outside these hours only the ground level can be visited.
Assistance from museum staff is needed in terms of pointing out the itinerary, which is why it is necessary to call in advance to make sure there is personnel available.

Accessible areas:
· The ground floor is partially accessible: it has three areas which are difficult to access (graveyard of the Convent of Sant Antoni de Pàdua, courtyard cloisters and small exhibition room), all of which have steps that are more than 5 cm high.
· First floor: can be visited in its entirety by following an alternative tour, albeit in non-chronological order.
· Second floor: inaccessible.
· Third floor: partially accessible. There is an area that is difficult to access (Girona, 19th century), with steps that are more than 5 cm high, leading to two lifting platforms whose maximum load is 150 kg.
· Temporary exhibit: access via the lift, partial interior circulation via ramps, excluding one room that is inaccessible due to two steps that are more than 5 cm high.

Unisex, wheelchair-accessible toilets. Contact museum staff in order to access them.
Free entry for all persons holding a card accrediting their disability, as well as for one carer/companion.

Surroundings: Access via carrer de la Força; pedestrian, cobblestone street with a considerable gradient—between 8% and 12%.
Nearest free, wheelchair-accessible car park: 3 parking bays at Plaça dels Apòstols, 150m away; considerable slope (exceeding 12%) to reach the Museum.
Nearest bus stop: L11 Cort Reial (wheelchair-accessible).
Taxi: taxis rank at Plaça de la Catedral, 50m away; or at Plaça de l'Oli, 150m away.