‘Girona Flower Time' receives more international visitors

11/07/16 | Tourists from outside Catalonia increased by 3.6% compared with the previous year and now represent almost 14% of the total.

In 2016, Girona Flower Time received an increase in the number of international visitors, who now account for almost 14% of the total of 254,455 people estimated to have passed through the city as a result of the event, held between 7 and 15 May. This and other results have been taken from a study of tourist movement based on real mobile data that was carried out during the festival for the second year running.

The data in the study suggests that some 254,455 people passed through the city between 7 and 15 May as a result of the Girona Flower Time exhibition, 4% more than in 2015 (244,199 visitors). It is important to add that this figure does not include the city's estimated population of 82,500 residents.

This study is an indispensable tool for planning sound tourism strategies, and vital for being able to work seriously and rigorously based on accurate information.

In 2015, Girona was a pioneer in Spain in using real mobile data to analyse the influx, behaviour and origin of tourists in the city. In 2016 the same study was carried out once again, using the Smart Steps tool developed by Movistar, which enables a qualitative analysis of tourists to be conducted according to aspects such as origin, age and gender.